Premium Headwear Company

"Quality blanks for your custom need"



    Before the invention of the internet and the smartphone over 35 years ago, Capsplus Inc. has been providing quality service and products to its customers. Over the years we have grown our business to include direct importing of blank apparel, private labeling, embroidery customization, and screen printing. We are committed in using quality materials built with expert craftsmanship, competitive prices and courteous service!

Today, the company is owned by the James Brothers. Two handsome men knowledgeable in the headwear industry. They both began their journeys as sales men at separate hat companies and met each other at Capsplus Inc. during the 90's. During that period, Joyce was the owner, she taught the James Brothers everything she knew about the industry and slowly grew them to the handsome men they are today. When it was time, she gave them the keys to the company and they became the new owners.

With over 25 years of experience behind the James Brothers belt, they have provided tens of thousands of custom designed goods to this day!